“Because of Bob Proctor, I Live a Magical Life … And You Can, Too”

As Bob Proctor’s writer for 25 years, Diane Armitage saw her life morph from ordinary (and struggling) to extraordinary (and great fun). Now, she’s recounting the biggest lessons and action steps Bob Proctor offered that helped her create giant, exponential and zippity fast change in her life.

“Conversations With Bob” is a fast-reading, fun compilation packed with uncanny advice, funny (rather dry) responses to Diane’s odd questions, and Bob Proctor’s insistence on the weirdest action steps ever to achieve her pie-in-the-sky goals. It marks an unusual mentoring relationship through the years that can help you in every aspect of your life, too.

Sneak Peek: Read Chapter 5 – Conversations With Bob

Set for publication in Spring 2021!